Your Heating and Cooling Needs to Be Smarter

Our AI-powered Building Management System plugin makes building heating and cooling systems intelligent and automatically adaptive in real time, greatly reducing emissions and energy use.

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An Existential-Level Problem

Heating and cooling buildings is in big trouble. They consume too much energy and create a lot of planet-warming emissions.

These issues combined with the rapid adoption of heating and cooling hardware world-wide means that by 2050 we won’t be able to power all of them with our current energy production.

Building image

The Mechanics of the Problem

To understand why this is happening, let’s look at this example building:

These units heat and cool air

Which then travel through the ducting in the building

And finally reach you and me through the Fan Coil Units (FCU’s).

BuildingBuilding heatingBuilding ductingBuilding fcu

A Real-World Example

The problem is that these FCU’s don’t understand how a building is actually being used, and circulate the same amount of heated or cooled air indiscriminately across the entire building.

Building without Zephframe solution

Building Management Systems Need Intelligence

That’s because the brains of the building, the Building Management System (BMS), doesn’t have the intelligence to tell the FCU’s what they should really be doing.

So we make it smarter by directly interfacing with building BMS in any building, new or old and use our AI to help it understand to send heated or cooled air only where it needs to go, automatically, adaptively, and even predictively.

Now no energy is wasted and the building becomes much greener and intelligent. 

Ineficient buildingZephframe solution

The Benefits of Zephframe

This can save buildings up to 50% of the energy used and emissions created by their heating and cooling systems.

It can improve comfort levels by understanding exactly where people are, how many people there are, and how much heated or cooled air they need.

It can increase the lifespan of heating and cooling hardware as well as preemptively alert to potential failures.

It can remove the need for human dependance for accurate heating and cooling.

It can remove the need for human dependance for accurate heating and cooling.

Zephframe benefits
A letter from the CEO
Joseph Hill
Co-Founder and CEO of Zephframe
The problem we are solving is a big one. Buildings overall are one of the most damaging things to our planet, yet they are an absolutely necessary part of everyone’s everyday lives. Heating and cooling buildings in particular is a particularly important yet difficult issue, but our cutting-edge solution was developed to directly solve this issue.Buildings can and must be smarter for a greener future, and our mission is to ensure that they are.
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